Super absorbent polymer/water retaining agent (ap)

Molecular formula:(CH2CHCONH2)m(CH2CHCOOK)n(CH2CCHCOOH)o
Molecular weight: Mw£ľ10000
CAS Number : 9003-04-7
White Crystalline Powder or Granular
1. Improve soil desertification, effectively increase the soil aggregate structure, improving crop conditions, to increase production of 10 ~ 30%.
2. Improve the seed germination rate
3. To improve the survival rate of transplanted seedlings, up by 20 ~ 25%.
4. To extend the irrigation cycle, reduce watering frequency, saving medicines from 10 to 30% fat.
5. To ensure the early forming grass, flowers bloom earlier flowering with short intervals, brightly colored.
6. Improve the survival rate: When transplanting seedlings because root water loss, the survival rate to only 70 to 90%. If the use of this agent will seedling dipping, even after planting in the long-distance transport, the survival rate as high as 96% or even 100%.
7. To reduce fruit cracking: after absorbing water due to this agent can be long-term, slow release of water for plant uptake, it can reduce the sudden increase in rainfall or irrigation water losses caused by cracking.
1. Babies, adult diapers
2. Sanitary napkin
3. Composite paper
4. Surgical mattress
5. Pet mattress
6. Foot polymer
Packing and Storage:
In 25kg,50kg,1000kg net bag or according to clients°Į requirements.
(1)This product is moisture absorbent; please keep in dry shady and sealed place.
(2)Please wear respirator during production, and be aware of the powder.
Guaranteed Technical Specifications£ļ 
White Granule
White Granule
 White Granule
Particle Size(%)
>140 mesh°‹2.0
 Absorbance of Distilled Water(g°§g-1)
Absorbance of 0.9% NaCl (g°§g-1)
Absorbing Speed of 0.9%NaCl (s)(2gSAPabsorb 50g0.9%NaCl)
 Absorbance of 0.9%NaCl Under Load (g°§g-1)
 Water Retaining(0.9%NaCl)(g°§g-1)
 Moisture (WT%)
PH Value

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