Calcium nitrite

Molecular formula: Ca(NO2)2
CAS NUMBER: 13780-06-8
Molecular weight: 132
Properties: white powder without hydrate
Standard: Q142401/CSC-01-2000

Value Item
Premium grade
First grade
Second grade
Calcium nitrite[Ca(NO2)2 dry]%
Calcium nitrate[Ca(NO2)2 dry]%
[Ca(NO2)2 dry]%
Water insoluble matter%
Uses: It is the main material of concrete additive, it can be used in the making of antifreeze, rust inhibitor of steel bar, early strength agent, it also can be used in the washing of heavy oil, emulsification of lube and chemicals.
    1, antifreeze
    2, rust inhibitor of steel bar
    3, early strength agent
Packing: 25/40KG plastic bag lined woven bag or following your demand.

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